Programmable Multicolored-LED Sequencer

This is a project that I, along with teammates Darin Tanaka and Mike Wei, did for my Microcontroller Systems and Interfacing class (ECE362) at Purdue. Its a simple multicolored-LED sequencer which can be programmed by the user. To program it, you write some very simple syntax into a text file and save it onto an SD card. Then you insert the SD card into the device, and it will play the programmed sequence on the LEDs. Other features include stop/play/pause functionality, adjustable speed, and syntax error detection. You can set all kinds of rapidly-blinking psychedelic sequences - making us really tempted to name it a "Seizure Inducing Device" =D.

The project was my idea - I liked the idea of extreme customizability and empowering the user - perhaps even getting the users of the device interested in learning programming. We used embedded C on a Freescale 9S12C microcontroller. I was mainly responsible for the SD interfacing aspect of the project; which was initially a pain, but immensely satisfying after I got it to work.