Passable Alternative to Google’s Realtime Search

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When it was still up, I used to enjoy scanning Google’s realtime search to see what others were thinking about such as when the Bears’ Offensive Line was non-existent. Alas, Google has since shut down the service, saying that they will bring it back, but without providing a date.

After tonight’s horrid Bears performance, I set out looking for a Google Realtime alternative. After going through many services including Topsy, WhosTalkin, and Bing Social, one thing that irked me was that none of them have the “auto-refresh” feature that Google Realtime had.

Finally I tried and was relatively pleased – it had auto-refresh, covered Twitter and Facebook, and had a passable (though not exactly pretty) interface. One thing it did lack was any form of analytics or graphs, but those never really mattered to me. So, give it a shot if you’re looking for your realtime fix.

Monday, October 10th, 2011, 11:56 pm


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  1. mafioso says:


    thank you for this post, i was searching for something like that!

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